NCT00134810 The main purpose of this study is to determine which is the best dose of a drug known as Dysport to give when treating one's type of upper back pain. The study will also examine the side effects of this treatment and its overall effect on one's disorder.

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Upper Back Myofascial Pain Syndrome NCT00134810

Eligibility Upper Back Myofascial Pain Syndrome NCT00134810

Inclusion criteria
18 Years and older
No Healthy Volunteers
Moderate-severe pain in upper back
Myofascial pain syndrome for more than 6 months
Active trigger points in upper back
Exclusion criteria
Fibromyalgia and other non-myofascial pain conditions of upper back
Duration of myofascial pain syndrome no longer than 24 months
Steroid injections during previous 3 months
Anaesthetic injection at trigger points during previous 1 month

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