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  1. StudyEvent: HIS
    1. HIS
Oxygen Therapy Protocol
1.Evaluate patient on receipt of physician order for Respiratory Therapy Consult.
2.Determine if the patient meets the criteria for the oxygen therapy protocol.
3 If the patient meets the criteria for the oxygen therapy protocol, insure that no contraindications are met.
4.Obtain a room air Sp02 (Sp02 is saturation offered by Pulse Oximetry).
5.The Sp02 threshold of 90% has been established .(above or equal to 95% on Cardiac patients)
6.If the Sp02 is < 90% on room air, determine the need for a low flow or high flow system.
7.If low flow system, place the patient on a NC @ 2 l/m. Titrate the Fi02 by 1 l/m to Room Air to maintain and Sp02 above or equal to 90%.
8.If high flow system, notify the physician. Titrate the Fi02 to maintain Spo2 above or equal 90%. Once the Fi02 reaches 40%,convert the patient to NC @ 6 l/m and titrate the Fio2 by 1 l/m until on room air to maintain Spo2 above or equal to 90%.
9.If the Sp02 decreases to < 90% while on room air, place the patient back on the previous flow for re-evaluation.
10.Once the patient is weaned to room air, evaluation will continue for the next 24 hours before protocols are discontinued.
11.Sp02 checks will be done PRN and QShift.Continuous pulse oximetry will be done on patients with Fi02 above or equal to 40%.
12.Oxygen will remain in the room for PRN purposes only for patients that are being monitored for chest pain or cardiac disease. Oxygen will not be discontinued on patients that use oxygen at home.
13.Patients will be discontinued from oxygen when the room air Sp02 is above or equal to 90% and oxygen is not needed for exercise or ambulation.
14.The physician and nurse will be notified if the Sp02 < 85% or if the oxygen requirements increase by 2 l/m or 10% above baseline.
Settings and O2 findings

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