Befundbogen fuer die Aufnahme von Patienten in der Nierentrasplantransplantion, siehe Laborbefund_Nierentransplantationspatient für den entsprechenden Laborbefundbogen


  1. 11/12/13 11/12/13 - Julian Varghese
  2. 11/13/13 11/13/13 - Julian Varghese
  3. 11/13/13 11/13/13 - Julian Varghese
  4. 4/13/21 4/13/21 - Dr. rer. medic Philipp Neuhaus
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November 13, 2013


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Befundbogen_NTX_ohneLabor S.0002 Befundbogen_NTX_ohneLabor


  1. StudyEvent: Befundbogen_NTX_ohneLabor
    1. Befundbogen_NTX_ohneLabor
Patient's identity details
Dialysis center
Patient's Immunology
Family anamnesis
Patient's Anamnesis
existing Art. Hypertension?
existing Diab. Mel.?
existing nicotin abusus?
Infection with Tbc
Infection with a Hepatitis Virus
Renal Anamnesis
Renal puncture and/or histology
Urinary Infections
NSAR medication (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, etc)
Fundus Hypertonicus
Treatment of high blood pressure
existing Ostepathy
existing Polyneuropathy
Results of obligatory examinations
Urological Council (for men >40ys + measuring t-PSA , for women with urinary reflux-diseases or reoccuring urinary infections)
Results of optional examinations (only on indication)

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