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Eligibility NCT00442065 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm


  1. StudyEvent: Eligibility
    1. Eligibility
Alter mindestens 19 Jahre
Diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysm 50 mm or larger in diameter, 40 mm or larger in diameter if symptomatic (i.e. pain, embolisation), or documented AAA growth of more than 5 mm within the previous 6 months, and/or including extension into common iliac artery(ies), or any saccular aneurysm.
Infrarenal neck with a minimum length of 15 mm and a neck angulation between 60° and 90°, as assessed in 3 dimensions.
The iliac artery diameter must be of appropriate diameter (1 mm smaller than the device diameter), with an appropriate distal landing length. The tortuosity of the common or external iliac arteries or femoral arteries must be low to medium (refer to operations manual).
Patient provides written informed consent.
Patients >18 years who are suitable for endovascular repair.
Patient fit for endovascular surgery, with a diameter at the access sites of 7mm or larger bilaterally.
Patient has a life expectancy longer than the duration of the study.
rupturiertes Aneurysma
Patient has insufficient length of proximal aneurysm neck (<15mm from aneurysm to lowest renal artery and <20 mm from the aneurysm to the SMA).
Aneurysm extends above renal arteries.
Proximal neck of aneurysm has significant loose thrombus associated with it, or significant circumferential calcifications.
Pregnant or nursing patients.
Patient unfit for bail-out surgery and appropriate anaesthesia.
Patient with an acute or chronic aortic dissection or mycotic aneurysm (defined by localised asymmetric aneurysm sac).
Patient has current non-localised infection.
Patient has known allergy to graft materials, Nitinol, or contrast media.
Patient's where imaging is problematic. An example is an obese patient.
Patient has co-morbidities that deny vascular access, including small / tortuous access vessels.

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