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Eligibility NCT00385372 Urticaria


  1. StudyEvent: Eligibility
    1. Eligibility
age 7 Years to 80 Years
signed informed consent
chronic urticaria (duration: at least 6 weeks)
patients who suffered from urticaria and/or angio oedema at least once a week for a duration of at least 4 weeks)
Males and females, age between 7 and 80 years
inpatients and outpatients
oral antihistamines and glucocorticosteroids are allowed as concomitant medication (if needed)
pregnant or breastfeeding woman
patients suffering from diabetes mellitus
patients with cachexia
known food allergies of food which will be administrated within the elimination diet (e.g. milk, cereals)
isolated urticaria with known aetiology (e.g. physical urticaria, aquagene urticaria, urticaria factitia, cholinergic urticaria), Urticaria pigmentosa mastocytoses)
patients, seemed to be uncompliant under suspicion of the investigator

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